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Avatar & Echo

PPC, Graphic Design, Landing Page Development, Web Design, SEO, Content Writing


Industry leading telemarketing software.

Avatar & Echo Telemarketing came to us with ambitious sales goals in need of creating a strategy for online success. Their product offering promised more lead generation with less overhead, expense, and hassle, but consumers weren’t finding their website and they weren’t running any ads. Our team created a ground up branding and marketing strategy, encompassing PPC, SEO, and landing page design with one goal: Lead generation. Within three months our team delivered a cohesively branded website and sales strategy that delivered hundreds of qualified leads through this joint strategy and put them on track for seven figures of new revenue for the year. 

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SEO Results


Increase in search engine visibility


Increase in organic search visits


Increase in number of top ten national rankings for keywords.

How we did it:

  • Extensive keyword research.

  • Website overhaul and page-by-page optimization.

  • Expanded content on evergreen pages.

  • Established an active and informative blog.






This results focused business needed to communicate effectively and authoritatively  with the goal of generating leads. We chose Roboto; a font that communicates confidence while offering a unique visual appeal.  


As part of this project we also developed a full set of customized icons for use throughout their digital and print media. 

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