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Blush & Bar

Video Creative Production, Messaging and Branding, Product Design, Packaging Design, Website Design, Content Writing, SEO, Social Strategy, Influencer Relations, Photography

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Video Creative Production:

#ISparkle Influencer Program:

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Creating a Meaningful Brand Identity.

Logo Design:

From social media icons to package design, the logo is a vital first impression and chance at a sticking point. Creating a memorable and effective logo was a first order of business.

Messaging & Branding:

We worked to establish a brand identity and vision for this brand. We established who the brand is and who the customer is, the why behind the what, as well as how to communicate those ideals.



As a final asserting step in the brand creation process, we built out a Brandbook to assert and define those ideals for company-wide consistency and reference across creatives.

Social Strategy:

Our dedicated social strategy resulted in explosive growth across channels and increased follower interaction.

Influencer Program:

We worked to identify influencers who could speak to our targeted audience, model the products, and inspire followers.

Custom Social Campaign:

We pioneered a custom social campaign and hashtag to communicate customer stories and reach new audiences.


Packaging Design:

Based on our brand revelations, we build out a new packaging experience for every product, ensuring an Instagram-worthy unboxing experience.


We developed a new site design exemplifying the principles outlined in the Brandbook while ensuring usability and fast load times.

Product Photography:

Nothing is more important to the e-commerce experience than stunning product photography. It was an early priority for us to revamp the entire catalogue of photos for quality and definition.

Lifestyle Photography:

Portraying products in aspirational lifestyle settings creates a re-postable event and helps promote a brand image. We prioritized this type of photography early on.

Video Production:

We produced a studio shoot featuring models and product display for use in ads and across creative avenues.

The Results


Increase in online sales


Increase in traffic from social media 


Increase in Instagram followers





Linotype Didot

For jewelry and clothing brands, design is more than design: Customers trust a brand with great creative to help them feel beautiful, too. We focused on elegant, feminine, clean design that put the product front and center while creating an aspirational feel that gives customers license to rely on the brand as a source for jewelry that will make them feel confident and stylish. Our font and color choices helped reinforce both strength and whimsy in a delicate but intentional balance.

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