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California Rangeland Trust

Video Creative Production, Messaging and Branding, Website Design, Content Writing, SEO

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California's Preeminent Land Conservation Agency


The historic non-profit organization California Rangeland Trust needed a powerful video to support their fundraising and community outreach goals while honoring their 20th anniversary. Our hands were in every aspect of this film's creation; handling planning, subject selection, on-site production, storyboarding, editing, promotion, and release.


We worked with production company Farm League and renowned director Chris Malloy to oversee the film's creative production. Chris has been an ambassador, director, and creative for the Patagonia brand for the last 14 years. His films include “180° South,” “The Fisherman’s Son,” and “Thicker Than Water,” and he has directed global ad campaigns for Ford, Jeep, RAM, Coors, and Yeti. 

Impact Report:

Our team was faced with a challenge: How do you distill 20 years into a single document? How do you create a standalone piece that is beautiful, readable, and memorable while communicating two decades of meaningful work and service? We created an Impact Report that displays two decades of conserving open space in California. The result is an unprecedented showcase for the Rangeland Trust, and one that the organization will use to share their message for years to come.


When we took on this project, we knew we had to balance two entirely different objectives in order to succeed. We had to create a website that communicated the powerful and complex message of the Rangeland Trust, while leaving the breathing room necessary to showcase the gorgeous working landscapes they protect. Written content and design had to be perfectly balanced in order for this website to be effective. We had to convey serious information, including fundraising facts and donor education as well as legal explanations and complicated information, without compromising the natural beauty of their projects - their true raison d'être!  This site couldn't just be informative, it had to be inspiring. The content goals were heavy, so the design had to be equally powerful. Throughout the planning process, we spent countless hours brainstorming how to strike this unique balance. We couldn't be happier with the final result.





Frank Ruhl Libre

We wanted to honor this organization's Western roots, without losing the modernity of their impact and accomplishments. For this reason we went with Frank Ruhl Libre for headline font, which lent itself to impact statements without overpowering.

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