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Vogt Silversmiths

Messaging and Branding, Social Strategy, Influencer Relations, Website Design, Content Writing, SEO, Photography, PPC

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Influencer Program:

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Paid Advertising:

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Email Marketing:

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The Finest Hand-Crafted Silver & Leather Since 1970


Creating new imagery for this historic brand was absolutely critical as Vogt moved to a phase of increased reliance on digital commerce. We partnered with incredible photographers to direct shoots that showcased Vogt's products in a new light, refreshing product and model photography across the site rapidly for an enhanced shopping experience and cohesive brand identity.

Influencer Program:

We worked to identify influencers who resonated with the brand and spoke to our target audience. We credit our exponential social media growth during this period largely to the partnerships we built with talented influencers in the Western industry, who helped us get in front of new eyes while also fulfilling the constant demand for fresh content. 

Facebook Advertising:

We launched a robust social media ad campaign to meet new audiences and create an ongoing stream of first-time sales, providing much-needed revitalization to a legacy brand struggling to meet new eyes in a digital age. We were confident the right customers were out there, we just had to find them. We used on-point creative and a honed ad strategy to achieve our goal.


Email Marketing:

Effective and regular email marketing proved essential to this particular customer base. By providing gorgeous visuals and valuable content, as well as VIP opportunities to shop sales and new collections, we quickly built a tremendously loyal email list.


Redesigning this website was a major undertaking. Vogt is one of the most respected names in functional Western gear, combining true artistry with quality and durability for products meant to last several lifetimes. Founded in 1970, these products were originally found largely in mom-and-pop Western stores across the United States. As the American buying machine went digital and most of these stores closed, Vogt had to make a transition. This website needed to serve as a storefront and a history book, a piece of legacy communication that told a story and showcased legendary products.

The result of all this? The data speaks for itself...

The Results

Vogt Silversmiths experienced explosive and unprecedented growth across the board in year-over-year results for the last six months as our client. Positive metrics also reflect the major branding initiatives accomplished through a dedicated, passionate, and meticulously carried out strategy, which can be seen across the influencer and email marketing programs.

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Additional metrics: 77% increase in direct traffic; 20% increase in average order value; 326% and 24% increase in Instagram and Facebook followings; 30% increase in total email subscriptions.


Increase in online sales


Increase in traffic from social media 


Increase in average order value





New Clarendon MT

Gorgeous, high-definition product shots had to be the focus. We wanted to keep this site clean while communicating the brand's high-end Western heritage and authenticity. We chose a black and white design with a heavily serifed and stylized font for impact, moving away from the cluttered and kitschy designs common to the industry, choosing instead a look that is powerful, clean, and cinematic.

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