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5 Ways Social Media Builds Your Business

We’ve talked about social media for your business and how to use social media to connect with your customers. Today, we’re going to expand on five of the most important ways that social media can help build your business.

Create a sense of pride. There’s a trend in marketing: People don’t buy products, they buy brands. Millennials in particular show enormous brand allegiance. People see their purchases and the businesses they work with as part of their identity. A wide range of services and industries can benefit from developing a presence and personality through social media that their customers can see and connect with.

Create additional revenue opportunities. You can use your social media to incentivize customers with sales, discounts, and special offers that keep them coming back. Some businesses can also use social media to organize clients for special opportunities; for example, a veterinarian with a mobile practice can set up a vaccination clinic, allowing clients to save money and also benefiting the practice. This type of organization would have been very difficult—and less successful—without a social media presence.

Create a larger customer base. Clothing shops and other businesses offering goods for sale can expand their reach beyond their locale to ship products to customers anywhere in the world. This really brings home the concept of social media as an equalizer: Even rural businesses or home startups can have a major reach, with just a little effort and strategy!

Create a community. Some businesses—gyms, resorts, cafes, hunting clubs, yoga studios, dance studios, equestrian arenas, shooting ranges, etc.—lend themselves to a culture of community where customers can interact with the owners and with each other. Your customers will feel a sense of pride and ownership.

Create visual inspiration. Are you a florist? A baker? A clothing boutique? An interior designer? A hairdresser? A nail artist? A personal trainer? Whether you sell specialty goods or you help people improve their lives or appearances, your social media can serve as visual inspiration. From tantalizing your potential customers to sparking an inspiration, your social media platforms can serve as a constant stream of proof as to why your customers need you in their lives!

So there you have it. At Go West, we believe in small businesses—and we also believe that social media is one of the best things that has ever happened to small businesses. We would love to help you take advantage of these powerful tools. Set up an appointment for a free social media consultation with our team today!

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