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Here’s How to Get Yelp Reviews—Without Violating Yelp Policy.

In this day and age, reading reviews online is a vital part of the consumer process. When choosing between services, restaurants, stores, or other businesses, we often take into account what other patrons and customers have to say about their experiences with local options.

90% of people will believe what they read about your business online. What is being said about yours?


Top 5 Tips for Getting More Yelp Reviews

Here are our top tips for getting reviews for your business without violating Yelp’s policies:

  1. Include a Yelp badge on your website. A prominent Yelp badge on your site lets customers find your review page quickly and easily. Be sure to ask your website techs at Go West Marketing to install one for you!

  2. Let your customers and clients know that you are on Yelp. Without going out and asking your clients for reviews, simply post to your social media accounts letting your followers know that your account exists and is active. Avoid asking your clients to write you reviews in the post, and instead use language such as: “A big thank you to our clients who have written positive Yelp reviews for our business—we appreciate you! Check out what our happy customers have to say.” If your customers enjoy and appreciate your business enough to follow your social media accounts, there’s a good chance some will be naturally interested in writing you a Yelp review once they see your page without you having to ask.

  3. Keep a physical Yelp sign at your business. If you have a physical office space, post a flyer, poster, or card encouraging customers to find you on Yelp! Use this form to request your Find Us On Yelp stickers, or you can make one using the brand resources page.

  4. Share your Yelp reviews! Share reviews your previous customers have written on Yelp across your social media channels by visiting the “Reviews” tab under your Yelp business owner account. You can even respond to negative reviews if you choose. Yelp is also A-OK with you sharing positive reviews from the site on your personal marketing materials, including a website Testimonials page, so long as you have permission from the writer, give Yelp credit, use only recommended reviews, and are careful not to change any wording or the context of the review.

  5. Publicize your “People Love Us On Yelp” achievement! If you have achieved “People Love Us On Yelp” status, you qualify to receive special stickers and a commendation letter from Yelp. Display yours to let your customers know about the positive reviews happening for your business online!

We’ve got more advice and tips for you when you schedule a free consultation with our small business marketing team. Fill out our form to let us know you’d like to learn more and we’ll connect!

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