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Small Business Marketing Landscape for 2017

What’s new in small business marketing? In this post, our marketing pros at Go West Marketing have gathered some of the hottest predictions for changes and trends in marketing that could affect small businesses this upcoming year.

Increased Use of Voice Search

In 2017, it is predicted that the numbers of teens and adults who use voice search functions on their phones every day will increase, according to Business2Community. Already, 41% of adults of 55% of teens use this feature daily.

Improving SEO is the Top Goal of Marketers in 2017

According to Freestart, 66% of marketing experts state that their top marketing priorities for the year 2017 are:

  1. Improving search engine optimization (SEO)

  2. Growing organic presence

A website is search engine optimized if it is geared to perform well in Google (and other search engines) for specific keywords that might be used by a potential client such as “Ukiah plumber” or “Billings landscaper.”

You’ve probably noticed that the first few results in many Google searches are marked as ads. This means the website owner paid for the site to appear in keyword searches.

An organic ranking is a site that occurs in search engine results because Google thinks it is relevant to what the user is searching for. It’s not a paid placement. That ranking occurs for free simply because it contains valuable, relevant content.

Our experts at Go West Marketing are constantly studying the Google algorithm so we can help our clients create great, successful websites that rank organically for local search results, which helps them get business. This is always our top priority!

Local SEO Will Become More Important

Imagine a marketing strategy that allowed you to find people in your area in need of your services, exactly when they were looking for you. That’s precisely what local SEO offers!

With a strong local SEO campaign, your customers are able to find you when they’re looking for you and ready to buy. They see your great website, your list of services, your phone number—and that online connection turns into a real customer.

Savvy small business owners are already starting to recognize the incredible potential of SEO. In 2017 and going on into the future, according to a report from MediaOne Marketing, marketing experts predict that local SEO will only increase in importance to business owners.

Increase in Phone Calls Resulting From Mobile Searches

Every year, calls from search are growing by 42%! Phone calls generated from web searches are set to increase dramatically in the next two years. In fact, experts predict a total of 73 billion phone calls from mobile searches alone by the end of 2018, according to Acquisio.

What Do These Changes Mean for Your Small Business?

Whether you are a long-time business owner or you only recently opened your own business, staying current with marketing trends is critical. Excitingly, these new trends lead to incredibly affordable and effective ways for small businesses to be found. Our SEO experts at Go West Marketing have the savvy and experience to help you grow your business through 21st century channels. Ensure that every marketing dollar you spend works for you and serves as an investment back in your business. Call us for a free consultation and an evaluation—we can discuss new types of marketing that could work for you.

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