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Why Your Service Business Needs a Blog

If you don’t know by now, digital marketing is absolutely essential to the success of your business in 2022.

Unfortunately, most service-based and blue collar business owners get left behind when it comes to online marketing. While your competitors may be leaving money on the table by ignoring the opportunities of online marketing, that just means now’s the perfect time for you to take the leap!

Let me tell you what blogging and digital marketing can do for your business this year.

Why We Started Go West: For Businesses Like Yours

I started my marketing business in 2017 with a very specific goal in mind.

I wanted to bring cutting-edge digital marketing tools to blue collar, rural, and service-based American businesses.

After working at a large digital marketing firm in Los Angeles, I realized almost all marketing agencies are laser focused on e-commerce, tech, and start-up companies. I couldn’t find any digital marketing companies looking to help the businesses that keep our communities running.

That’s when Go West was born.

Your Next Best Customer Is Searching for You on Google. Are You There?

When looking for a service business, people used to go to the Yellow Pages. Now, they head straight to Google.

Their first step is to search for a service in their area. For example, “Fort Worth HVAC.”

The first results will be ads (marked by “ad”). Most users scroll past ads and go straight to the organic search results. Users think organic search results are more trustworthy.

The question is: How do you get your content to rank first without paying for ads?

How Does Google Decide Which Results Come First?

Search engines like Google and Bing use several factors to choose the top results for any given search. They select the results that are the most relevant, the most information-dense, and the most referenced by other websites.

Search engines wants to provide the best results for their searchers. If your website is the best result, they want it to show up first. It’s our job as your search engine team to let them know that your site is the best result by building it the right way and adding lots of relevant, information-dense content.

Blogging is a great way to add relevant content to your website on a regular basis.

The first organic search results are the most valuable real estate your business can occupy.

Benefits of Blogging for Local SEO

Some of the top benefits of operating a blog for your small business:

  • Rank among the top search results

  • Costs nothing to run

  • Increase credibility by positioning yourself as authoritative and knowledgeable to potential customers

  • Gives actionable and helpful data

  • Provides benefits to other marketing channels (i.e. you can share your blog posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)

  • Can provide an incredible ROI

  • Attracts ready customers

  • Builds on its benefits over time

When you buy a Google Ad, you’re essentially bidding for views. You must pay to play. When you stop playing, your ad stops running. With content marketing, you can build on your efforts over time, and even when you stop, that valuable content is yours to keep on your blog.

You can start your blog today. Our team of writers gets to know your business from the inside out, and we blog on your behalf. Let's start 2022 on the right foot! Contact my team at Go West today.

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